To make a Grateful Box, I hand cut images from books and create collages on vintage boxes, then triple glaze them so they're built to last. This is a custom piece, requested by a Deadhead, "The Keyboardists Box," honoring the keyboard players who were in the Grateful Dead. I love to work with your ideas to create custom boxes!

Featured Grateful Box: The Fukengruven Bread Box

A lot of love into this tribute piece to the Volkswagen + the Grateful Dead! (Nostalgia disclaimer - I used to travel in a 1978 pop-top VW camper...) This box is a hand-cut paper collage and a one of a kind signed original. Absolutely nothing digital went into the making of this art! (Farfegnugen is the German word for "Driving Pleasure" and it was used in some Volkswagen commercials long ago. Hence the variation Fuckengruven.)


A GRATEFUL BOX ORIGINAL signed by the artist

- Sturdy Upcycled Vintage  Wooden Bread Box

- Triple Glazed & Built to Last
- Original Collage Artwork
- Dimensions: 18” L x 12” W x 14” H.


Grateful Box Prints Are

Available in Various Sizes on Fine Art Paper, Mounted, or on Canvas

"Dahlia Daydream" was designed using the pattern for a traditional Dahlia quilt. The centerpiece ceramic 13-point lightning bolt custom was made by Sharon Pfaff Spitzer.
"We're All in This Together" was designed using the Sun Rays quilt pattern.
"Bear, A Tribulte to Owsley" was designed using the traditional pattern for a Square in a Square quilt.
"13-Point Bolt Garden" was designed using the Jinny Beyer pattern for a Kashmir quilt and incorporates work by artist Alex Grey and images of traditional Bargello needlepoint.
"Ring of Fire" was designed using the pattern for a traditional Lone Star quilt.
“Sailing on Sunshine” is designed using the pattern for a traditional Winding Ways quilt. It incorporates work by artists Mike DuBois and Alex Grey alongside images from vintage coffee table books, notably an oversized book titled “The Rose.”
"Eyes of the World Jewelry Box"
"Custom Dead '77 Gem Box"
"Bodhisattva Sushi Serving Box"
"Trip Freak Jewelry Box"
The Blues Boxes
"Our Trip to Egypt Jewelry Box"
"San Francisco Dance Party Stash Box"

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The Grateful Box Custom Clock is happily keeping time in Syracuse, NY. Check out more photos of this upcycled masterpiece in the Grateful Box Archive.


"I create collage and decoupage art made entirely by hand with a good ol' fashioned pair of scissors. Using patterns from traditional quilts has given my collage work a definitive form and a link to a historical fine art 'craft,' one that has been championed by creative women."

+99,999 We flipped in 2024! 



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"The pictures do not do it justice! The box is just beautiful! These are a must for every Deadhead's collection!"

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