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Psychedelic art for music lovers!

Located in Asheville, NC, Grateful Box Studios uses hand-cut paper to transform upcycled treasures into decoupage art, with designs ranging from quilt patterns to music themes.

I specialize in creating custom orders as unique gifts for all ages. 

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Featured Artwork




Upcycled wooden plate, 16" diameter, wall-hanging decoupage art, glazed with a triple thick acrylic coat. (Not to be used for consuming food!) Elements of the collage include images of petrified wood, butterfly, sunflowers, sunsets, a flock of birds on the outer rim, a photo of the desert from space on the inner rim, a lone dancing bear, and of course a groovy Grateful Dead photo circa '73 Keith and Donna with Jerry's big black beard. Available for purchase in Store.


 A Grateful Box Original Clock! Created by commission and happily hanging in Syracuse, NY. Check out more photos of this upcycled masterpiece in the Grateful Box Archive.

The Promised Land Memorial Box - A Custom-Made Grateful Box Original

More photos in the Grateful Box Archive

"We're All in This Together"

See more process photos in the Fine Art Gallery!

"Dahlia Daydream"


See more process photos in the Fine Art Gallery!

"Sailing on Sunshine"
"13-Point Bolt Garden"
Detail from "13-Point Bolt Garden"
"Eyes of the World Jewelry Box"
"Custom Dead '77 Gem Box"
"Bodhisattva Sushi Serving Box"
"Trip Freak Jewelry Box"
"Our Trip to Egypt Jewelry Box"
"San Francisco Dance Party Stash Box"

Check out the Grateful Box Archive - there's a few hundred to look through!

"I create collage and decoupage art made entirely by hand with a good ol' fashioned pair of scissors. Using patterns from traditional quilts has given my collage work a definitive form and a link to a historical fine art 'craft,' one that has been championed by creative women."

From the Grateful Box Archive

"The pictures do not do it justice! The box is just beautiful! These are a must for every Deadhead's collection!"

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