Band Beyond Description Jewelry Box

This is the Lexus of boxes for a few reasons: the inside is white pleather, the hinge snaps open and shut, and the bottom is super soft. The Band Beyond Description Jewelry Box is a classy box that holds jewelry with swagger, including room for 5+ rings and a few sick wraps, plus a lid-sized mirror in perfect condition. The box's front and sides feature pictures from a Grateful Dead New Year's Eve show, with balloons falling from the ceiling. The top is a collage of ripped tickets behind a denim-style Bertha logo. The back follows suit with a classic Steal Your Face split on the hinge. The Band Beyond Description Jewelry Box takes its name from a picture of a bumper sticker that's hidden on the inside of the box. So come on, clap your hands, because the music never stopped! Dimensions: 6” L x 4.25” W x 2” H. This box found a happy home in Pittsburgh!



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"The pictures do not do it justice! The box is just beautiful! These are a must for every Deadhead's collection!"

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