Bertha Music Box

The Bertha Music Box features a 60s Grateful Dead photo shoot that put Pigpen in the driver’s seat… look out! The Jerry Garcia quote on top starts out, “’I’ve always thought that the Grateful Dead should be sponsored by the government or something…” and continues to explain why everyone should be getting high on the Grateful Dead! The two sides of the box match with neon blue thirteen-point crow bolts (an image from Dick's Picks 23). The Bertha Music Box plays the theme to a 1970 movie called Love Story. Every box has a secret: this one is an outtake picture from the same photo shoot as the shot on top of the box, but in this picture, Pigpen is standing on the trunk of the Cadillac pointing down at, hey, who is that laying on the ground there? Owsley? Dimensions: 8.5” L x 5.5” W x 5.25” H. This box found a happy home!



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"The pictures do not do it justice! The box is just beautiful! These are a must for every Deadhead's collection!"

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