Blue Rose of Love Stash Box

The Blue Rose of Love Stash Box is a heart-shaped party box featuring poster artwork by Alton Kelley and Stanley Mouse from the Grateful Dead New Year's Eve show that closed San Francisco's Winterland Arena in 1978. On the side of the box is the disco ball that spun the room around, and on the box's bottom, balloons drop from the arena ceiling. Six tiny skulls hang out in a row inside the box. Dimensions: 2.75” L x 3” W x 2” H. This box found a happy home with a lovely lady who was there when the first Grateful Box was made and said, "I don't know how you did that, but you need to keep doing it!"



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"The pictures do not do it justice! The box is just beautiful! These are a must for every Deadhead's collection!"

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